Sustainable Fashion with handcrafted Cork jewelry

At Dealcliff,  we thrive to be environmentally responsible and promotes sustainable fashion with our elegant range of handcrafted Cork jewelry that are made from 100% natural eco-friendly material called Cork. Cork leather is an excellent substitute for the replacement of other plastic and traditionally used animal leather, and no harm to animals and environment is ever done in the process of manufacturing Cork leather.

Cork uniqueness in sustainable fashion

The uniqueness of Cork explains itself as it is a very soft, durable, resistant-free and waterproof material that is obtained from the bark of the Oak tree. The skilled craftsmen’s at dealcliff adds more value to this handcrafted jewelry with their hard work and unique skills. The average lifetime of these Oak trees is usually estimated to be around 200 years, which means that the extraction and harvesting can be done several times, without damaging the tree and environment. Thus, it is a great renewable resource.  The extraction of bark is only done once in every 9 years by law, and after that, the tree regains its bark during the progressive years. Cork is also used in houses for other purposes like flooring, ceiling decoration, kitchens, house insulation, etc. There is no animal testing and experimentation performed while producing cork, and it a perfect Vegan product for vegan customers.

What makes cork fashion so great to wear on the body is the silky touch of the cork and the remarkable texture of cork leather. This handcrafted jewelry for sale at dealcliff is made from cork, that lasts for many years and has no harmful effect on the human body. This is what makes it so great to use Cork as a product for sustainable fashion in an excellent eco-friendly way.

New to sustainable fashion?? Know more about it at from the Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

Sustainable fashion and Dealcliff

Handcrafted Cork jewelry that is offered on Dealcliff is made from the cork produced in Portugal, which is the largest producer of Cork in the world. Dealcliff, with its exciting range of handcrafted cork jewelry products, commits to promoting environmentally friendly sustainable fashion. We value the importance of healthier lifestyle with the positive influence of health and beauty products. We promise our customers to provide them with the best value for their money with our products and services while having them a remarkable shopping journey.